Tow Hitch - Kia (R5F61-AU002)

2023 Kia Sorento

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Manufacturer Warranty Minimum of 12 Months
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Manufacturer Warranty Minimum of 12 Months
Guaranteed Fitment Always the correct parts
Shop with Confidence Your information is safe
In-House Experts We know our products


  • Genuine:
  • SKU: R5F61-AU002
  • Other Names: Trailer Hitch
  • Description:

    Custom designed, this tow hitch mounts directly to the vehicle frame for optimum performance, strength, and security.

    Adding an original KIA lifestyle tow hitch to your Sorento can enhance your life in several ways, depending on your specific needs and interests. Here are some potential benefits:

    1. Expanded Utility: With a tow hitch, you'll have the ability to tow trailers, campers, boats, or other recreational vehicles. This opens up a world of possibilities for weekend getaways, road trips, and outdoor adventures. You can explore new destinations, enjoy camping in the wilderness, or take your favorite watercraft to the lake.

    2. Enhanced Convenience: If you regularly find yourself needing extra storage space or carrying bulky items, a tow hitch can be incredibly convenient. By attaching a cargo carrier or a bike rack, you can easily transport luggage, bicycles, sports equipment, or any other large items that wouldn't fit inside your Sorento. This frees up valuable space inside the vehicle and provides a hassle-free solution for transporting gear.

    3. Family-Friendly Activities: If you have a growing family, a tow hitch can significantly enhance your recreational options. You can tow a small camper or RV for family vacations, creating comfortable and memorable experiences on the road. This can also lead to bonding moments and quality time with your loved ones.

    4. Pursuit of Hobbies: If you have hobbies that involve towing, such as boating, jet skiing, or dirt biking, adding a tow hitch allows you to pursue those activities more easily. You can bring along your equipment or vehicles without the need for separate transportation arrangements, making it more convenient and enjoyable to indulge in your hobbies.

    5. Community Engagement: A tow hitch can also enable you to participate in community events and activities. For example, you can use it to tow a trailer for volunteering at local festivals, transporting equipment for charity events, or even helping friends and family with their moving needs. It provides you with the means to contribute to your community and be an active participant in various endeavors.

    Remember, the actual enjoyment and benefits of adding a tow hitch to your Sorento will depend on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and how you choose to utilize it. It's important to ensure that your vehicle is rated for towing and that you follow all safety guidelines and regulations when using the tow hitch.


  • Condition: New
  • Replaces: R5F61-AU000, R5F61-AU001
  • Install Time: 1 hour
  • Sold In Quantity: 1
  • May Be Required: R5F61-AU100

Vehicle Fitment

Vehicle Fitment
Year Make Model Body & Trim Engine & Transmission
2023 Kia Sorento EX, LX, S, SX, SX Prestige, X-Line EX, X-Line S, X-Line SX Prestige 2.5L L4 - Gas

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